Jul 18

Innovative Software to Expect in 2019

Developers around the world should be filled with joy due to on the numerous prospects that lie ahead in 2019. It is a year that is expected to be filled

Dec 29

10 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018

In 2017 there was incredible progress in many aspects of technology. AI’s assistant, connected life and other intelligent home systems that continue to make home automation available are particularly interesting.

Dec 26

Good reasons to learn python

Python is an interpreted language of high-level programming. It was released back in 1991 after created by a guy known as Van Rossum. This language has been used for decades,

Nov 02

Why I hate Bitlocker

Looking to store your files and media without using the cloud? While you might want to use BitLocker, we don’t really recommend it. You cannot protect your device from malicious

Aug 10

Essential Features of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a logical visual outline of an idea to aid creativity, memory, productivity, and organization. The process literally maps out what you’re thinking about in a relational context.

Oct 12

Can You Pass The cloud solutions Test?

Is it possible to Pass The cloud solutions Test? Well, the answer to this question is not direct. The Cloud computing is an evolving archetype. It’s uses, definition, basic Technologies

Mar 12

This Is What Professionals Do

Bitcoin is the most common digital currency. Bitcoin made in 2008, was created by Nakamoto Satoshi. It later went up by different specialized figures in the digital currency. Numerous speculators

Sep 12

Linux Strategies for Beginners

Linux can be denied as an operating system which powers multiple systems ranging from large centers of computers to laptops to guns to light bulbs. It powers everything from smart