Good reasons to learn python

Python is an interpreted language of high-level programming. It was released back in 1991 after created by a guy known as Van Rossum. This language has been used for decades, and for every decay, a new language is launched to enable better construction of clear programming on both small and large scales. This is enabled by the program design philosophy that stresses on readable codes. Python has a comprehensive and large quality library that supports several programming paradigms, which include: imperative, object-oriented, procedural and functional, this enables people to use the program at ease. It is a language used by a wide range of people for various reasons, some are, it is used in data science, used in known blogs, and it is known to support testing, used in web development among many other reasons.

Below are some the reasons people learn the program:

Easy to learn

It is a powerful programming language whose features the English language, it is interpreted, free and open source, high-level language with a blessed large community. It is a language which doesn’t deal with complex syntax. This is the reason it is simple to code and the best option for the beginners.

Extensible and portable

This allows the user to conduct cross-language operations with ease. It is supported by most current platforms in the industry such as Linux, Solaris, play stations, windows among other. Extensibility of the language’s features allows integration with other programs such as Java, C, C++, and NET components.

Develop web

Python is generally known for website development by use of array framework. The commonly known framework are Flak, Django, Pylons, and many others. This framework makes the codes stable and much faster because the framework is written in python. Play a major role in web scraping where information can be taken from another website. Known popular websites such as Instagram and Pinterest are made using the framework only.

Graphics in computer

Python is mostly used in a large, small, online and offline project. It is specifically used to create an application on the desktop and the GUI, the Tkinter library helps is providing an easy and faster way to create the apps. Python is also used to develop games, a logic is used in conjunction with pygame module, which operates on Android devices.

Framework test

Python is also used to validate project and ideas in companies. The language has an inbuilt framework test that covers the elimination of errors or malfunctioning element and fastens the workflow. Selenium and splinter make things much easier, and they help cross-platform testing and cross-browser with frameworks such as the robot and pyTest framework.

Large data

It is a language known to handle huge data. Assist parallel computing and python is used for Hadoop. Python contains a library known as pydoop, it is obtained by running a MapReduce program which processes the present data in the HDFS group. Another library that processes huge data are, Desk and Pyspark. This indicates python is widely used for huge data, and it’s easy to process.

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