Innovative Software to Expect in 2019

Developers around the world should be filled with joy due to on the numerous prospects that lie ahead in 2019. It is a year that is expected to be filled with innovative software solutions, tools, and technology such as server-less functions, chatbots, and blockchain technology.

Many tech guys will, however, be worried about their ability to hold up against the pressure that comes with delivering quality code and functionality, without compromising on performance or security. The following are the innovative software solutions that can be expected in the coming year.

Chatbots to Constantly Have convos with Employees and Customers

Individuals around the world are often getting exhausted of having to use more than one app to do a single task, e.g., having four different airline features each providing a different way to board or check in to the airline. Messaging will, in 2019 provide a better way for clients to get the same service.

Advancements in artificial intelligence mean that we will now be able to use natural processing language, e.g., WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to ask questions, and receive intelligent answers from the chatbots. Developers are in the process of crafting bots that are in a position to understand the intentions of the customer, hold an intelligent conversation, and provide intelligent answers.

AI Will Become the App Interface as the Button Disappears

Artificial intelligence is expected to become the official user interface. This means that the currency synchronous model being used by applications will gradually start to disappear. The phones in use today have a low IQ as one is expected to lift the phone, start an application, and then request for a certain task to be performed.

The new generation of intelligent applications, backed up by innovative software will be able to initiate interactions by making use of push notifications. For instance, bots and applications in phones will be able to know what to do, why to do it, when to do it, and how.



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