Linux Strategies for Beginners

Linux can be denied as an operating system which powers multiple systems ranging from large centers of computers to laptops to guns to light bulbs. It powers everything from smart freezer to the phone. When it comes to the commercial world, Linux offers alternative to other operating systems like Windows.

However, there are several reasons as to why Linux is chosen over Windows. Some of these include:

  • Older computers also support Linux. Although also Windows XP runs on hardware which is older, it ’s not supported hence any security updates for such. Linux, on the other hand, has several distributions specifically created for hardware quite older and are regularly updated and maintained.
  • Some Linux desktop environments and distributions apparently are quite more familiar compared to users of Windows 10 and 8. Windows 7 users can give a try to Linux.
  • The download size of Linux distribution compared to the Windows 10 size is so small with few 100mg. with Windows, you need a DVD at minimal which has bandwidth worth it.
  • Linux comes with free software which you can use and as you can change at will.
  • Compared to Windows, Linux is quite more secure with few viruses directed to the operating system.
  • Reliability whereby a hanging application can be easily killed but with windows, the program must accept the command form task manager which is not swift and as easy.

The different types of distributions to use

Linux has a kernel. And Linux distribution is defined as the actual vehicle which now houses the kernel. There are several distributions to make a choice from. They include:

  • Linux Mint

It has a familiar look of the desktop with users of Windows 7. It needs low computer expertise, it’s easy to make use of and can be installed easily.

  • Debian

Debian has no software, firmware or proprietary drivers. It’s the first distribution of Linux.

  • Ubuntu

Recently developed and its simple to use and can be installed easily.

  • Fedora

The latest distribution incorporating any new concepts.

  • openSUSE

A powerful and stable distribution. Although not simple to install like Ubuntu and Mint but makes a good choice.

  • Mageia

It is simple to use and can be installed easily.

Each different distribution of Linux has its way of been installed. Therefore, ensure that you follow to the latter the instructions provided for the same.

Desktop environment

Linux distribution is made of several components. The operating system features a display manager for aid in logging in. the OS also has windows manager that you use for managing windows, core applications, dash interfaces, menus, and panel. Most of these are put together so as to make the so-called desktop environment. Some distributions come with the single desktop environment while others have several versions of the environment.

The commonly known desktop environments include MATE, LXDE, XFCE, KDE, GNOME, Unity, Enlightenment and Cinnamon. The Cinnamon resemble Windows 7 desktop environment with a panel at its bottom, icons for quick launch, a menu and icons for system tray.

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